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This tag is a single tag and another "fancy-html-comment-that-Dreamweaver-can -also-understand".

You can think of Editable Regions as protected areas that are not touched by Dreamweaver during a website update.

The problem is that old websites don't have these Editable Regions tags in the first place.

This excerpt is from Dreamweaver CS5: The Missing Manual.

This Missing Manual helps you quickly and painlessly master the latest version of this industry-standard web design and management program.

But that approach isn't always practical—or desirable. Web pages that look and act similarly reassure visitors; they can concentrate on each page's unique content when the navigation bar and left sidebar stay the same.

But even more important, a handcrafted approach to web design is often unrealistic when you need to crank out content on a deadline.

And that's let Dreamweaver also know which template to use when updating webpages and/or child template files.

So you also have to put another specific tag up top, letting Dreamweaver know which template to use.

NEVER search for something very short like you see in case A that will give you many instances in a single page.

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