Double your dating mastery program

Just my honest opinion after seeing what both products have to offer. I have read DYD and the Mystery Method, and I know the books like the back of my hand.

And is it david or one of the speakers who says about it? James Well, in my opinion, it is one of the very best products out there. There is so much killer content on this with very little filler.

De Angelos charisma and wit just shimmers through this product.

In the end they're going to get blown out because they're not doing the other important things properly.

Granted DYD does have a body language program but why the heck buy 5 different DVD programs to get the info (and arguably worse, less organized info) than what you get with a single revelation book or DVD package.

I read this book after Mystery Method and hated it for a while because it didn't have a set method, but then I came to realize as I was out working on my game that some of the things he was talking about pertaining to women and how they act are very true.

For example, Mystery says beautiful women use what we call a bitch shield to repel unworthy suitors.He has a body language seminar but the person who gives the best information in that seminar is Mystery, so why not go straight to the source and use VA's material?His Approaching DVD set has Mystery, Tyler Durden, Will, Craig and a couple other guys. It's not nearly as up to date as what you get with revelation currently and in my opinion not nearly as good.In the list where it says what you will learn in the program, one of the things is"the ONLY way to get a women who just wants to be friends to start feeling attraction for you" Can someone tell me what that is now? But on disc 4 of the Approaching women in bars and clubs there is a Tyler section on social construct that blew my mind So I'd also look that up.And is it david or one of the speakers who says about it? Before I found VA I had watched some of David D's material and the problem I have with it is he doesn't teach any kind of system or method of how to actually approach.Not that that's bad but half his students would probably get blown out before they could even get in set to use his material.

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