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I wasn’t even two sips into a glass of Malbec with a Bumble date last week when I noticed his eyes drifting downwards, and wondered what he’d think if I told him that the chest he was stealing a not-so-stealthy glance at is going to be gone in six weeks.

It's hard to blithely rattle on about Two years ago, I found out that I have a BRCA1 gene mutation, the same genetic factor that drove Angelina Jolie to have a double mastectomy.

Many times we have orders that require very quick turnaround.

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My family and friends have been supportive and have stepped up to the plate in ways I could never have predicted, offering care, compassion, and so much wine.

Even in my worst moments of panic about the pain and the time off from work and the surgical risks, I know I’ve made the right choice.

"If guests ran into terrible traffic on the way over here, or are in the midst of a marital dispute, we need to consider it our problem.

How else are we going to ensure that they have a sublime experience?

In fact, you’d probably avoid the airport, call the TSA, and maybe consider abandoning air travel altogether in favor of trains or boats for the rest of your life. I could spend the rest of my life getting bi-annual MRIs and ultrasounds, doing monthly self-exams, and just wait for the day that one of those tests reveals cancer, or I can have a double mastectomy and lower my risk to be less than the general population’s.

A mastectomy now does not mean that I’m being pessimistic or a hypochondriac; it means avoiding a mastectomy with the additional risks of chemotherapy or radiation later on in life.

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If I'm not proactive about my health, my lifetime breast cancer risk has been estimated to be around 87 percent.

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