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’ And he said, ‘No, it’s never going to happen.’ I said, ‘But I should talk to the guys from Apple, anyway. It is the biggest no-brainer that I’ve ever, ever thought about, and if Apple don’t go for it, then they are shooting themselves in the foot, because someone else is going to do it. In the way the media works these days, in the way that music delivery systems work these days, I find it quite often best to be first. They really didn’t need much convincing if you looked to the fourth quarter, the month of December 2007, I think they sold something like 10,000,000 units of ‘Guitar Hero 2′ in just one month, and they are .00 each. But it was great fun, and I still have some of the most bestest friends from Brown. Which will be great, because we’re used to playing small places. I said, ‘If you do the math, if you go 50/50 with ‘Rock Band’ and you sell a ‘Rock Band’ game, that’s a big deal’ you know. So when did you kind of develop your own musical taste?

"He's a bit young, but he's good." Harrison passed his audition, play­ing the guitar instrumental "Raunchy" on the top half of a double-decker bus one night — and with that, he was a Beatle, or at least a Quarryman.

But his bandmates never quite shook their idea of him as a ju­nior partner — an "economy-class Beatle," in Harrison's sardonic formulation — and he soon began pushing for an upgrade.

I think I did, but I’m not going to tell you, because then you’ll put it in a magazine. BE: You’re also on Rooney’s album too, is that right? DH: How old were you when you realized that sandwiches tasted good? It’s one of those questions like…I don’t know, really. Would you say, even subconsciously, was there any attempt to avoid possibly sounding too like your dad? Well, you know, guitars made by the same people tend to sound the same. And I’ve got the same sort of bummed-up nose that he used to have, so sometimes when I say “girls,” it sounds a lot like “gulls.” That’s just by accident, I can assure you. BE: You worked behind the scenes but also in the studio on , insofar as completing the album.

BE: Actually, I’d put it online, which is even worse. So he came and played on a bunch of my songs, along with Rev. I knew he was my dad, and that’s usually enough for most kids. So maybe like about six or something, but I don’t know. BE: That’s all right, I don’t think Paul reads our site, anyway. Because on “Crazy Tuesday,” it was, like, “Oh, my God, he sounds like his father,” but otherwise there’s not really any touchstones. Was it tough to adapt your style to match your father’s? We started that record together, and, you know, unfortunately, I finished it alone with Jeff (Lynne).

Bullz-Eye had an opportunity to speak with Dhani Harrison about the latest record by his band, . First, however, we had to actually get on the phone with each other for more than 60 seconds. It’s good, although as I said to Oli, I don’t think I would necessarily refer to it as being overtly pop. And then after that, we did the new album, and it’s still growing. It was probably Jimi Hendrix and Cream that I really got into first. DH: I would , when that album came out, that was, like, my favorite thing in the entire world. I know you were on “Heart Gently Weeps.” How did you get hooked up with them? DH: “Heart Gently Weeps” is just something I did to let them…just to see what would happen. If I call him right now, he would never answer, but he will answer at in the morning. "Well, you know, guitars made by the same people tend to sound the same. And I’ve got the same sort of bummed-up nose that he used to have, so sometimes when I say 'girls,' it sounds a lot like 'gulls.' That’s just by accident, I can assure you.” BE: How did you hook up with him? I actually met him through …funny you should say that, I actually met him through Ringo. I was looking for Ringo, I couldn’t find him, and then I saw him.

Our first attempt fell apart due to some scheduling issues, though Dhani was kind enough to call me personally to tell me that we wouldn’t be able to talk as planned. DH: No, I wouldn’t say pop has anything really to do with it. I’m kind of interested…I’ve been writing a bunch more stuff, and it’s kind of changed again now, which is pretty funny. Actually, Buddy Holly was extremely big, high up on my list. And then I saw them play at Britain Academy when I, was, like 13. There’s actually a couple of other tracks that I played on as well. There was a track called “No Matter How Hard I Try,” which was the single for the album. I don’t know, RZA and I got hooked up through a mutual friend, and we actually had more in common than our mutual friend. Because Ringo signed him to his label (Pumkinhead Records). Suddenly, a young sort of mouthy, punk-rock-looking dude came walking, holding a present and looking just as confused as I did about five minutes before.He became close friends with an older classmate, Paul Mc Cartney, who needed a guitar player for a new band."I know this guy," Mc Cartney told the group's leader, John Lennon.I hope she also keeps the property in Hana, Maui as well. Sorry I didn't really contribute all that much. Dhani Harrison (born 1 August 1978) is a British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and singer-songwriter who is the only child of George Harrison and Olivia Harrison.And not to mention that, once the game is made, you can just keep adding songs to it. My editor said his advance copies just got in, so I’m supposed to be getting my any minute.

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