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Of course there was NO Dallas Area Rapid Transit...police officer on the train, or on the platform once the beating spilled there," Eager wrote on Facebook.

Since it does nothing that good old use doesn’t do, its extra letters and syllables don’t make a writer seem smarter; rather, using utilize makes you seem either like a pompous twit or like someone so insecure that she’ll use pointlessly big words in an attempt to look sophisticated.

The same is true for the noun utilization, for vehicle as used for car, for residence as used for house, for presently, at present, at this time, and at the present time as used for now, and so on.

" and "I know the law, I am the law," according to police.

In February, a Dallas ISD teacher was arrested after police said he threatened to kill his coworkers unless he was given a raise.

What’s worth remembering about puff-words is something that good writing teachers spend a lot of time drumming into undergrads: “formal writing” does not mean gratuitously fancy writing; it means clean, clear, maximally considerate writing. They’re part of a tiny elite cadre of words that possess the opposite of the qualities they denote.

A paradoxical noun because it refers to a kind of beauty but is itself one of the ugliest words in the language. Diminutive, big, foreign, fancy (adj.), classy, colloquialism, and monosyllabic are some others; there are at least a dozen more.The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department charged the minor with a class A misdemeanor for hunting without a landowner's consent.A man was beaten up by a group of people Sunday on a Dallas train after he had reportedly asked them to stop smoking marijuana.Police arrested an Alvin woman in June after witnesses told police she was partially naked, intoxicated and propositioning bystanders.Kimberly Ann Foster, 48, was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct., police said a 70-year-old Missouri City man flipped off a Fort Bend County deputy and then struck him with his vehicle.Police arrested Allen Dewayne Thomas, 47, in April on a charge of attempted capital murder of a peace officer.

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