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It's relatable and our tear ducts are literally overflowing even after the 10th listen.

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Not only that but Ed Sheeran's song, "Don't", is reportedly about Ellie cheating on him with Niall. Of course, Ellie went on to date Dougie Poynter for awhile after all that.

It's possible Niall could have secretly been very heartbroken over her choice to move on from their scandalous relationship.

Now in recovery, she tells Catherine O’Brien why she thinks she can be a ‘beacon of hope to the next generation’ Demi wears Sunglasses, Wildfox. Hers is, ‘You are beautifully and wonderfully made.’ It may sound faintly new-agey but having just spent two hours watching Demi channel her rock-chic vibe in skintight skirts and skyscraper heels for the YOU photo shoot, I am in no doubt that it works.

Rings, left hand, from top: Loren Rocks, Katie Rowland, Kasun London.

There's no telling if the song really is about one of these lucky ladies but it's always fun to try and guess what exactly is running through Niall's head.

Selena and Niall have hung out on numerous occasions over the years.It also tries to navigate life alone without this person that was, at one time, the love of their life. But, the lyrics and the emotion MUST come from somewhere.In an interview with , they asked Nialler about what he thought of speculation surrounding the song whether people could think it was about anyone from Selena Gomez to Ellie Goulding. In true Niall fashion, he answered, "I would obviously like it ["Too Much To Ask" to go to number one, that would be the dream. If it's getting a lot love and jumps in at number two or number three, I don't mind." Okay, but we still want to know and we're going to speculate. We've come up with a list of women that have, at some point or another, taken his heart in the past six or seven years.It's about someone who is still in love with another person that they separated from.The song questions love and why this particular love doesn't last.There's also perfectly good reason to believe that Niall was head over heels for her but because of his travel schedule, they just wouldn't make it work. Regardless, Celine could definitely be the person Niall thinks about at night.

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