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Head Turning Retro, Rockabilly, Indie, Alternative & Pin-Up Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes & Accessories It’s finally warming up a little, so the dogs have been spending more time in the garden.Tessa likes to find a sunny spot, either outside or in ‘her’ chair, in front of the french doors. Photos here on Flicker, or in the slide show below.This is not because she’s incapable of it (unlike Dexter, who’s so large in ...

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Di Crescenzo is the inspiration behind the band’s fictional song ‘Hey There Delilah’. Copyright 2007 Samson & Delilah’s ~ Videography by JP Viedo Productions ? No temperature drop, no funny behavior - just Mae, being Mae and looking happy to see me every time I came into the room to check on her, wiggling her Mae Mae butt and grinning her grin. Well, we’ve had our first real snowfall - that snow that isn’t going anywhere, at least not until spring. I also took some new pix of the Bunny pups, including a few of Dexter, the puppy formerly ... It seems like only yesterday Delilah was a tiny puppy I could fit in the palm of my hand.. Bunny’s babies turned one month on Friday, and they continue to be one of ... She’s at the weird, gawky puppy phase - her feet look too big for her body, her head is all ears, and she doesn’t walk - she ...

Di Crescenzo will attend this years Grammy Awards with Tommy Boy. Sean spent a good two hours outside shovelling out the dog runs and walkways. Questa la hit Internazionale del momento in italia, “Hey There Delilah”.

I think I was a romantic inspiration to Eric and George because I gave as much as I could to them both, to the detriment of myself. I didn't think he was even going to come and this was the song that was written for him.

He eventually showed up and I got myself in a real emotional state.

Delilah Di Crescenzo a Colu2 Zoom(s) Delilah Di Crescenzo made famous by a song has become a part of pop culture, I guess we can all relate as we all have a Delilah Di Crescenzo in our lives.

The song, “Hey There Delilah” was inspired by Delilah Di Crescenzo.I think fall is probably the best season for Frenchies - cool weather, with patches to sunbathe in, but none of the that pesky spring mud that drives me insane…You can see the rest of the photo set here: As ...The skirt portion of the dress features a back kick pleat.The chiffon peek-a-boo bodice is elegant and mischievous - just like Bettie Page herself!' So I wrote ‘Femme Fatale’ and we gave it to Nico."In 2011, Nas confirmed the rumors that this Winehouse song was about him.

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