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As De Generes would tell Oprah she had always felt it wasn’t anyone’s business to know whom she was dating.

One of the show’s writers heard this news on his way to work, reported it on the lot, and according to Savel, Disney’s legal department “totally closed down” the leak before it could happen. Bruce Handy, who was then a full-time writer for , had been assigned a profile piece on De Generes—a reveal of what he recalled as the “national open secret” about her sexuality.

On the day of the taping, Handy sat among a studio audience who knew they were about to witness history.

She has crossed the 100 day mark and although she hasn’t gotten a call or even a tweet yet, Ellen is following her on Twitter.

Erica began her blog on January 7th and explains on her About page why she began this My name is Erica and this blog is tracking my daily emails to Ellen De Generes.

And, like a fart, there’s little control over what you expel. You may not feel as fervent about Ellen as Erica does, but surely you have big goal you’ve always wanted.

ALSO, you are only allowed 1500 characters in each email to Ellen on her website. You are probably wondering how long I will keep this up AND so am I…we’ll just have to see. I would like one or more of the following things to happen: go to the show, be on the show, be a regular on the show, work for Ellen De Generes. As the year has gone on Erica’s posts have gotten more and more creative. If that big goal is writing your book, I invite you to join me on Wednesday, April 18th at a free webinar to learn how to turn your existing content into the rough draft of your book.

She was the perfect person to dispel people’s fears about what a gay woman might be like.”Before Ellen Morgan became the first gay lead character on television, L. All scripts were printed on dark burgundy paper that could not be Xeroxed.

At the end of the day, everyone had to turn in their scripts to be kept under network lock and key.“So, we had a room full of writers taking their scripts and squinting—you could hardly read it,” she said.

“Disney-ABC did not want a stitch of this leaked out.”It had been rumored that Ellen Morgan would come out for nearly a year; by the time it came to actually shoot the episode, Savel remembers seeing the talk on morning news shows and .

Days before the episode was filmed, a local radio station announced that it had gotten a copy of the episode’s script and planned to read it out loud on the air.

Savel remembers Oprah sitting inches away from the screen as she watched the playback of her scenes as the therapist.“She started to cry. As Ellen Morgan said the words to Dern’s character, she accidentally hit the microphone on an airport loudspeaker—a historic moment that got a laugh, too.

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