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Dean delivers a no-nonsense, both-feet-planted-on-solid-ground approach... In this book, you'll learn how to become the Bride of Christ, a mature Christian that walks intimately with God and walks in supernatural gifts and has authority over the enemy.

Develop your spiritual senses and receive impartations of spiritual ...

Women exhibit certain characteristics of God better than men do. You will be most happy and fulfilled doing what you were made for. Know who the real you is and who the real other person is. Women must have perfect curves, eat like birds and watch princess flicks. Know who God made you to be, as a man or woman and don’t strive to be the other. The way you men should treat the women in the Body of Christ (“Agape” or unconditional love). They are not the means to romance but are an end in themselves.

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The entire book of Song of Solomon discusses romance, marriage and sex.

God says marriage and sex are great and satisfying (Heb.13:4, Pr.-19).

Unplanned pregnancies – force unexpected responsibility. STDs – which can affect you for the rest of your life.

There are God given rules for sex – these produce the best and most satisfying sex possible. This provides the security and stability needed for a truly satisfying relational, emotional, spiritual, physical and progressive sex life.

God Created men with unique qualities and abilities women don’t excel in. God’s protection and provision (Fatherly characteristics). Both are equals but were created with different strengths to accomplish different tasks (this is His plan). Do not Manipulate them (acting in a certain way to obtain a type of action or decision from another person).

Men exhibit certain characteristics of God better than women do. Analytical determination (naturally analyze every situation). Together (as the body and in marriage the two sexes will exhibit all of his characteristics (if Christ is on the throne). Saying and doing what they want to hear and see in order to get them to do what you want them to.Be careful with actions you men are completely comfortable with and think nothing of (wrestling, massaging, leaning on, etc.).These often provoke very strong feelings in your sisters in Christ and are ways of manipulating them.Selfish relationships (self on the throne) produce almost every problem on the planet.Jesus said the entire law is wrapped up in loving him and each other (Mat.-40). 1Affection, 2Friendship (should be “Agape” or unconditional), 3Mariage (a married man and woman, this also involves agape, but there is more to it than that!!! All 4 areas involve Attraction (Attraction is an emotion which involves admitting something is nice and beautiful compared to lust which is choosing to selfishly use, desire or gratify).Remember: Men are sight oriented; women are feeling and touch oriented.

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