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We're looking at how ladies feel about guys with tattoos. It's cool when the tats actually have a story behind them," says Sabrina, 26."Tattoos are good, no tattoos are also good.

It was pretty surprising when I found out my father's straight-laced accountant had a full sleeve of tattoos, but I guess with everyone and their mother getting them, I really shouldn't have been so shocked.

Once something that only sailors and bikers sported, these days tattoos can be found on the least likely of men.

And very often, they both partook of the same activities: they both cooked and cleaned, they both mowed the lawn and assembled IKEA furniture, they both took us swimming at the weekend, and they both pursued their own careers.

My brother and I grew up with no belief that our biological sex or gender set us apart in any meaningful way, or that any roles or behaviours were inherently gendered.

Everything about her seemed evocative of the schoolmistresses of past – she was entirely traditional in appearance and presentation. And supposed personality traits accompany these roles – women expected to be nurturing and emotional; men viewed as level-headed and practical.

This older woman though, was unfazed by my unusual family circumstances. No assumptions were made about my family: we were given the freedom to choose.

Feminist principles need to be explicitly discussed, as well as being modelled day to day.

My own feminist understanding definitely matured as I aged.

Tattoos are great, but only when the body is great that goes along with it"I can't help myself when a guy has an inner arm tattoo. Helps if their arm is in good shape," says Steph, 24."I love tattoos on guys my age, but I can't help but think about how those arm tattoos are going to look when they're in their fifties when muscle tissue breaks down and things start to sag," says Kathleen, 30. If he does have tattoos they should be tasteful, artful, thoughtful ... But yeah, definitely no tribal tattoos," says Min, 25.

As with everything, we have some strong opinions on the topic, and received confirmation that tribal armbands really are the worst of the worst. I mean, no Disney characters, PLEASE," says Tanya, 35."Tattoos are lovely! As long as they aren't actually offensive or anything, I don't mind them at all," says Elizabeth, 27."Love what Elizabeth said. Not particularly attracted or not attracted to them.

And it’s only natural that there were some divisions of labour in our family; my mothers had different preferences and these were reflected in the activities they spent the most time on.

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