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It's up to you to exploit his invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device - a glove that allows you to switch instantaneously between dimensions of reality - to solve the riddles that litter his house and find him.You can flip to the Fluffy dimension, where everything is pastel-coloured and light as a pillow, or the Heavy dimension where the same objects are wrought of rusted iron and ten times their normal weight.

As you progress, you gain access to a dimension that slows time to a crawl (and takes you back to the '70s, judging by the blurry, scratchy film overlay) and another that reverses gravity so that loose objects fly to the ceiling.

The dimensions have no effect on your person or the fabric of the house, so the game is mostly a matter of manipulating the objects that are left lying around or vomited up by the convenient switch-operated replicators.

Turn a cardboard box to iron so it's heavy enough to trigger a switch plate, say, or turn a safe fluffy to pick it up and throw it, before flicking back to the real world so it crashes heavily through a glass plane.

Giant fans, lasers and other contraptions come into play, and sometimes batteries need to be slotted into sockets to power the four dimensions.

Quantum Conundrum's creators can only see the ingenuity of their ideas, and not the layer of mechanical frustration between them and the player.

Those ideas are pretty clever, to be fair, although the set dressing doesn't convince.Kim Swift, one of the student creators of Narbacular Drop, went on to make the first Portal at Valve before leaving to join Airtight Games and direct Quantum Conundrum.It's a game made in Portal's image: a sequence of puzzle chambers played from a first-person perspective in which the player must distort the laws of physics to progress, wrapped up in some jokey narration with a science-gone-wrong theme.Too often, the satisfaction of figuring out the solution to one of Quantum Conundrum's fine puzzles is soured by the frustration of trying and failing, again and again, to enact your solution.By the time you get to the next room, you've no intellectual pride left, only bitter relief.If it wants to explore spatial ideas, it should let them speak for themselves as Fez or Portal does, rather than muddy them with too many opportunities for failure.

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