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The Gemara in Kiddushin says it's a mitzva for a father to attempt to marry off his children. This is codified in Shulchan Aruch and commentaries there; if I recall correctly, a young woman ...

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The Gemara sounds like a first marriage is easy, because it's just the two people matching up as pre-destined.

It's second (or later) matchmakings that are "as difficult as the Splitting of the Sea." The approach that's easiest ...

Note that the purpose of this task is algebraic in nature -- closely related tasks exist which approach similar problems from numerical or graphical stances.

The standards do not prescribe that students use or know with log identities, which form the basis for the "take the logarithm of both sides" approach.

The two solutions provided differ slightly in their approach in this regard.

The Talmud in Kesubos (52b) states: מצוה דנלבשה וניכסה וניתיב לה מידי כי היכי דקפצי עלה ואתו נסבי לה It is a Mitzva to clothe her, cover her, and give her something, so that men will jump at the chance to marry her.

The task requires the student to use logarithms to solve an exponential equation in the realistic context of carbon dating, important in archaeology and geology, among other places.

Students should be guided to recognize the use of the logarithm when the exponential function has the given base of $e$, as in this problem.

When Eliezer goes to find Rivka his test is if she is a Baalas Chesed, again checking out her Midos. 1) Regarding a shidduch, the Shulchan Aruch says, "For the sake of marriage, a man may view an unmarried girl or lady to see whether he likes her appearance and general characteristics.

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