Dating ug com

A complete waste of my time and money ..people that desperate that they'll fall for this?Oh and the phone app is atrocious, if you get a (fake) message you have to scroll all the way down the list....grrrr Thought I would try and find guys my own age, but this turned out to be the biggest waste of time and money.

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Of the 50 received only two looked genuine..I paid my money for a month.

As it turns out the two simply don't reply to messages..are perhaps fake as well ( OK, lots of messages from scam artists with pictures of young hotties...

But after a week or so, if you do a search and sort by \\\"number of views\\\" and you will find the top dozen or so are all 29 year olds who have viewed you 8 or 9 times but never messaged you.

They all use the same few photos and some use the same descriptive text, only the locations vary.

It's about time the authorities investigated these sort of sites and prosecuted the cheating liars that own them Pros: None......................unless you want a scamming Ghanaian as a partner Cons: Where can you start The site is clearly run by scammers Wayne does NOT recommend Mature Dating to friends/family I joined to see if the site was a little more genuine than some others, but until you join and pay its not possible to know.

So let me tell you, there are so many fake profiles, I was getting contacts from much younger women in places hundreds of miles away, either typing from a script as their answers seldom match the question asked, or trying to divert you to another site which will ask for credit card details.

And when you try and cancel the administrators do not seem content with your explanation for leaving and believe if the offer you a free month or extend your membership with more feature you may stay.

I had to ask politely 4 times "can you please cancel my membership".

I'll make sure I welcome them with a plate of tripe, which is what we're expected to swallow. So you waste your time and money contacting people who can not get back to you unless they pay to view your messages.

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