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Georgian food is considered an expression of the culture.

Warm, gooey comfort food like khachapuri (cheese-stuffed bread) finds balance with matsoni (sour yoghurt).

Having been the capital of Georgia for more than 1,500 years, in some form or another, Tbilisi is rich in history.

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Visit the Old Town - the original settlement of Tbilisi with winding roads, alleys and wooden balconies; Metekhi Church standing proudly above the river on a cliff-top; Sulphur baths - according to legend responsible for giving the name to the city; Narikala Fortress - impressive ruins located above the Old Town a landmark of the city and excellent for views of the swirling river Mtkvari and the Old Town; Sioni Cathedral the beating-heart of Georgian Orthodoxy; Anchiskhati Church a yet more ancient style of Georgian church with a choir to match. - The main 1 500 meter-long artery of the city decked out with elegant Renaissance and neoclassical buildings.

Here you find the city's most important theatres and the Opera House.

Georgia hotels range from cosy boutique options to modern design accommodation and to the more unique.

The base for our Christmas in Tbilisi group tour will be the hotel Citadel Narikala, a charming boutique hotel which is centrally located.

Yes, they do, however, Georgia marks Christmas according to the Julian Calendar so Christmas Day is celebrated on 7 January, not in December.

On this date, one of the main events is the Alilo procession.This is a Georgian tradition, which was revived in recent years and takes place on Christmas Day (January 7th).Tbilisi residents dress up and, with carts pulled by donkeys, gather near the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel in Rose Revolution Square.Tbilisi Note: You will need to walk through passport control where your passports will be checked and stamped and photos will be taken. You will be welcomed at the airport by your guide and transferred to your hotel.After breakfast at the hotel start the city tour of Tbilisi at midday.Time can be spent exploring the city’s historic landmarks, beautiful streets and modern buildings during the Christmas time.

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