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Captive Agents Never before has a career as an independent insurance agent been as attractive as it is now.

In addition the agency must maintain an entity bond unless it is a sole proprietor with no producers. Return to Top Obtaining company contracts can be very difficult unless you are prepared with all that has heretofore been written.

The majority of Independent Insurance Companies will not give a contract to a newly licensed person with no insurance experience.

This can mean higher commissions and earlier access to profit sharing and contingencies.

An excess of companies without the normal commitments means more product and broader market base for the individual agent.

The Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois can assist in the process of choosing an aggregator. Return to Top To view the requirements for licensing, click here.

Return to Top Register and license your agency with the Illinois Dept. Register your agency with the Illinois Secretary of State and apply for a Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN). Help in preparing a business plan can be obtained from The applicant must attend a pre-licensing course approved by the Illinois Dept. Recommended course and information can be found at Return to Top Any person that carries an insurance license is also required to carry a producer bond in a minimum amount and maximum of ,000.

It is as important to evaluate the aggregator’s business model as well.

These are normally intended to be long relationships so care must be exercised when making the decision to team with an aggregator. Complete the Westport application as it can be used by all companies.

We’re using their highly promoted Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) management solution. but no CLI for configuration (besides some initial bootstrap commands).

" Stumbled upon a great article explaining behind-the-scene details of large analyst firms like Gartner.

I guess it nicely explains my mixed feelings: on one hand I hate Gartner quotes, on the other hand I know amazing people working there that I quote all the time. Even when you try to distill it down to networking basics on the wired side of the access point, you still have a very hard problem to solve on the radio side.

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