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Blackwell is one of many people invested in that question.

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(@KIRORadio/Twitter) CED is now looking to further broaden Calgary's financial prospects, with perhaps no better example than the organization's ambitious chase of the Amazon prize — a bid that has grabbed headlines despite going up against the likes of Toronto, New York and Washington, D. CED is sifting through reams of analysis to identify Calgary's advantages.

Grafted onto it will be consultations with hundreds of citizens.

Today, the 105-year-old structure is alive again with the ambitions of another generation of Calgarians, one with an eye on Silicon Valley, not the Windy City.

It's the home of Nucleus, a not-for-profit hub where the users — ranging from startups to post-secondary schools to venture funds — meet, work, learn and discuss innovation.

The work, which began late last year, will be completed in the next few months.

"There's an understanding in this community that we are going through a structural change of the economy," Ellingson said.It's important, regardless of oil prices, because Calgary is facing a long climb after the last collapse.In fact, it could be 10 years before it feels like the city has got its groove back, Legge said.If all goes well, it'll be a hotbed for Calgary's emerging technology sector.Or as 29-year-old Mark Blackwell, one of the bright minds behind Nucleus, enthusiastically puts it, this will be a place to "start figuring our shit out as it relates to Calgary 2.0." What will Calgary 2.0 look like?In Calgary, Tony has reported on the energy sector and federal politics.

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