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In the old days a man could usually find a wife if he went looking, and a single woman could attract a husband by putting herself in socially acceptable places to be noticed. If the vast majority of single Christian men and women "want to be married someday," why is it so hard to get married?

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In his book I often ask people, "Aren't you going to get married?

" At that point I hear a strange response: "When I meet the right person." Sure, the idea is reasonable, but the sentiments are rarely so.

They are "peasants." The "needy, beautiful peasant" approaches the possibility of romance from the starting point of "What do I lack? Their main asset on the Potential Soul Mate test is their vulnerability.

Not having an overly inflated view of what they bring to the table, a peasant dates in order to find a lifelong companion who will make them feel profoundly worthwhile, even if the rest of the world dismisses them as unimportant.

Usually what I am hearing is a person telling me that they are waiting for a person to come along and impress them with their eligibility.

This is the thinking of aristocrats, and leads nowhere. We make one of "the biggest mistakes of all" when we go about finding a marriage partner by sitting down and making a list of everything we have to offer a relationship.But I can't tell you how many people think this way today as well....This logic is not flawed, for it is the thinking of aristocrats. At best, they can hope for a harmonious partnership.We can, thank God, employ other people to help us with the housework and nanny the children. In contrast, the peasant class always knew they had a hard lot ahead of them, perhaps, but they tried to assuage that harsh reality by finding a good man or woman to love.Love was the one thing that might lift an otherwise dull, mundane life out of the murky waters of daily existence.Whereas the aristocrat dates and marries for many small things, the peasant dates and marries for one big thing: someone who takes away the pain and makes life a celebration.

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