Dating rca post war tubes

After WWI the export increased for a short time until the crisis years before WWII.His son Arno who joined from the twenties, led the firm after Rudolf his death in 1935 until he left 1958.Due to the large sales, they started a workshop in Leipzig to be more close to the Universities and to be competitive to all other firms.

Raised in the German town of Ingelshieb near Cursdorff.

His father was like many others in the region of Thuringia a glassblower for making fine glass art like glass pearls.

Robert Goetze had learned his skills from Heinrich Geissler in Bonn.

Soon Otto had his first employees, together with his brothers Rudolf, Hermann and Max the business grew, Max became the salesman of the family.

Until then the workshop only produced products for export.

The main production came from Leipzig, from 1910 Pressler started the production of X-ray tubes.

Heinrich Geissler traveled for years through Germany and the Netherlands as an instrument maker before he started in 1852 his own company in Bonn for the production of Physical and Chemical glassware and instruments which he sold all over Europe. Franz Müller joined the workshop of Heinrich Geissler in 1874 and succeeded the firm in Bonn into the early 20th century as "Geissler's Nachfolger" for the production and sales of Physical and Chemical instruments. Geisslers Nachfolger Franz Müller was a main supplier for many trade companies.

Franz Müller build the first cathode ray tubes for Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897. Otto Pressler (1875-1945) Rudolf Pressler (1877-1935) Otto begun his career at his uncle's Robert Goetze glass workshop in 1889 in Leipzig and started in 1897 a workshop in Cursdorf in his own house.

From 1912 the company reduced into a repair shop for chemical glass which closed in 1931.

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