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John and Kelly are definitely a power couple with enormous acting careers and can be lumped in with a small group of couples with one of the longest standing marriages in showbiz.

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This year they will be celebrating a huge milestone in their marriage, a whopping 26 years together!

While this couple has had their share of struggles — rumors of infidelity, scandal and the tragic death of their eldest son — these two have stuck it out for the better.

Our best friends tease that we’re the same person.” 2 Kelly Preston and John Travolta are both loyal followers to the Church of Scientology, as such they wanted their wedding to be officiated by a Scientologist.

Their first wedding ceremony took place on September 5, 1991 at the Hotel de Crillon in France and was officiated by a French Scientologist minister.

They married in 1991, traveling to Paris on an Air France Concorde for a wedding ceremony at the Hotel de Crillon (on the Place de la Concorde) on September 5, 1991.

However, a second ceremony was required because the first, performed by a French Scientology minister (both Preston and Travolta are Scientologists), was considered invalid.

Unfortunately, the ceremony was found to be unofficial and so the couple had to hold another ceremony a week later on September 12, 1991 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The couple then went on to have three children, Jett, who was born in 1992, Ella Bleu in 2000, and Benjamin in 2010.

In 2008, Preston starred in the Lifetime movie The Tenth Circle, directed by Peter Markle.

The film was shot in Nova Scotia and featured Ron Eldard, Brittany Robertson, Michael Riley, Jamie Johnston and Geordie Brown.

As a child, she spent time living in Iraq and also in Australia, where she attended Pembroke School in Adelaide.

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