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Bitcoin values soared last year and have declined sharply in 2018, but interest in the cryptocurrency and its technology is soaring at some leading graduate schools of business and economics, The New York Times reported February 9.A primary voice in the Times story was David Yermack of New York University and the NBER, author of several recent NBER working papers on Bitcoin and related subjects.

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The research: By Yermack and Max Raskin: Digital Currencies, Decentralized Ledgers, and the Future of Central Banking By other NBER researchers: Market Structure in Bitcoin Mining The Times news report: Cryptocurrencies Come to Campus Exploring the belief of some advocates that low-income households eat less nutritiously because they live in "food deserts" where higher quality foods are not available, research summarized in the current issue of The NBER Digest that education, nutritional knowledge, and regional food preferences play a far larger role in nutritional inequality than access issues.

Also in the latest edition of The Digest: a look at the outsized role of the U. dollar in world trade, a study of the debt repayment behavior of credit card borrowers, an examination of European Central Bank policies during the European debt crisis, an analysis of the effects of being informed of federal loan availability on college students' attainment levels, and an exploration of the relationship between housing prices and public school spending.

Retiring President Jose Eduardo dos Santos lives in this neighborhood.

During his 38-year rule, he was often accused of spending the government's oil income on himself and those close to him.

Read her latest study on consumer behavior in electricity consumption, or browse a wide variety of papers by NBER researchers on the Energy Issues theme page.

Firms with low leverage or high credit ratings are the most responsive to monetary policy shocks, Pablo Ottonello and Thomas Winberry show.

Once the official vote count is confirmed, he must turn to the task of governing.

Electricity demand and supply swing widely with the weather and time of day, a phenomenon heightened by regulators' determination to keep prices to consumers steady and low.

That is why she has little money for her home and family.

Of the money she makes, Feliciana brings home about a day.

But critics say the country's economic problems and inequality do not come from dependence on oil.

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