Dating out of pity

I’ve been friends with this boy for a long time, and we have a lot in common.

Recently I found out that he self-harms and has even attempted suicide.

It's clear that you dont feel the same way, I think it's okay to say yes on one date, but after it's over, tell him how you really feel. If he truly loves you, I'm pretty sure he'll understand.

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But don't do it as a chore, don't do it just to make him happy, you have to be open to the idea that you might start to like him, otherwise don't waste both your time.

How many other guys REALLY have their eye on you right now?

But it's better not going out with him, because going out with someone without feelings for them could hurt more than being rejected.

You can't help the feelings you do or don't have, so don't crush yourself over it.

Something that really helps people who are depressed is someone close to them that will talk to them and help them solve out their problems.

Unfortunately sometimes one gets emotionally attached while the other is not interested.

My friend told me I should date him so he has something to live for, but if he finds out I don’t feel that way, it’ll be even worse.

I feel like if I say no or reject him, he’ll kill himself, but if I say yes it will be very awkward… I believe honesty is the best policy, so I would stay true to myself, and not date him if I didn't truly have feelings that could carry on.

Just tell him all his good qualities and how you feel about him.

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