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No manufacturing records exist, but sometimes banjos are found with original sales slips, and some correspondence has been seen in which the serial number of a particular instrument is listed, allowing for a reasonable estimate of the date of manufacture. The Monogram model is a student grade instrument that post-dates the Stewart & Bauer partnership.

Another is that some of Stewart's workers moved to other companies -- in Philadelphia and New York City -- after his death. Given the "4S" connection, a move to NYC by at least some seems likely. They have all kept records of every Stewart instrument seen or reported to them.

The decal above is found on lesser, student and amateur grade banjos, made after Stewart's death. But I put this article together and continue to update it, so any errors are mine.

He even published a chart comparing the tunings of the various popular instruments of the day.

Among the many model variations made were the Lady Stewart with a 9" rim and 16" neck, American Princess with a 10" rim and 17" neck, Orchestra Banjo offered with a 12 or 13 inch head, the Specialty Banjo with a 10" head for tuning in the key of "D" and the Pony Banjo with an 8 inch head and 12 inch neck.

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Stewart's Common Sense tailpiece was delivered both with and without the ivory Rosette.

Higher grade instruments had the rosette, lower grade and later instruments did not.

He developed the short-necked banjeaurine with a 12" or 13" head around 1885 but never applied for a patent.

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