Dating older adults

The most prevalent medications are for cholesterol, taken by 36 percent of all older adults—a number that has doubled since 1999.

A similar increase appears in the use of blood pressure medications, which 43 percent of the older population takes--up from 36 percent in 1999.

The state of well-being among older adults does not seem to be improving.

A recent AARP report compared sex and well-being in 1999, 2004, and 2009.

Romantic relationships have different goals and outcomes than romantic relationships in younger adulthood.

Our Time features television commercials showing both younger older adults that are seeking partnership.

The good news is that those who have sex at least once a week, 84 percent, are satisfied.

Those less satisfied report having sex less frequently.

Our Time is a similar dating website to yet it includes older adults in its mission to helping make relationships.

Older adults are still interested in finding a romantic relationships so Our Time is more applicable to older adults than (Nelson, 2013).

They see it as more important to their quality of life, engage in sexual activities more often, are less satisfied without a partner, and are twice as likely as women (21 vs 11 percent) to admit to sexual activity outside of their relationship.

Distinct male-female differences exist across age groups.

Several key factors influence sexual activity, including health, medications, stress, finances, and exercise.

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