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The good news is some of these friends are single and craving for the relationships just like you are!

You can ask your fellows to arrange a date for you or browse the cyberspace to find some dating websites.

You'll find all you need to use these social media sites and take advantage of the ever-expanding ways to socialize, flirt, and date in the 21st century. If you're curious but not turned on, I'd say a couple.

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Try being friendly and charming rather than overly flirtatious. You don't have to put yourself on house arrest; it's okay to hang out, work on your abs, join a political campaign, do some volunteer activities, hang out with friends, but no swapping spit for a year, so you've gone through one whole cycle by yourself and know you're not using another person as a emotional Band-Aid.

Joy Browne: Make eye contact, smile, flirt -- unless it's at work, and then I would suggest you wait till one of you leaves, since work is about competence, and dating is about fun and sex and neat stuff. Joy Browne: I know you'll hate this, but one full year after the divorce becomes final.

So, why not taking the initiative and starting a search for a mate?

Blind dating is the easiest way to go in this context.

Question: What do you think of dating over the Internet? Okay, let me give you some guidelines Browne rule (I know everybody hates it)no dating till one year from the day the divorce becomes final -- not separated or out of love, but divorced.

Question: What are your feelings on "open relationships"? Chapter 15: To Blab or Not to Blab: Sharing Personal Info. Younger girls don't seem as interesting in conversation. Joy Browne: Where are you meeting people, at AA meetings? Question: I'm 29 and having a hard time meeting a girl my age without serious baggage. Joy Browne: I think love at first sight is lust with potential. Understand women have two categories of men, okay and not, but men have three categories for women: blech, okay (I'll live with you, tell you I love you, and be nice to your mom, but you're not the one), and category three -- a Bo Derek whose father owns a liquor store and who is a stay-at-home woman who will love me like my mom did. Sorry, but you'll find someone who views you as his one and only once you give this dude up and give yourself some time to recover and get on with it. But you know more than I can tell you how important it is to heal before going into another relationship. Question: What do you think of "love at first sight"? Joy Browne: Unfortunately, you usually have to take a break from each other for six months or so, so both of you can get your equilibrium back, which is really hard once you're involved.Joy Browne: I assume that means sleeping around, which I don't think was ever that great an idea.

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