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Soon after, Eric found himself on Red Sands Fort in the Thames estuary helping to get things ready for the station's July launch.

Once Invicta was on the air, all members of the team were expected to present programmes, including the engineers.

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If it doesn’t work out, there is always another one game you can try.

Using his razor-sharp timing and brilliant improvisational skills Billy hosts about 50 Culinary Events a year!!

Billy's very popular culinary web series "Hanging with Harris" has just filmed their 100th episode!

In June 1964 radio amateur Eric Davies was tuning around the dial when he discovered a very distorted signal on the 160 metre band.

After listening closely he discovered that it was a new offshore station testing on a medium wave frequency but also sending out this unwanted harmonic as well.

This company uses the timber to make wooden floor boards for shipping containers.

In this landmark decision, which establishes a precedent for all Maroon and indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Saramaka were granted collective rights to the lands on which their ancestors had lived since the early 18th century, including rights to decide about the exploitation of natural resources such as timber and gold within that territory.

“Last spring, he made it to the 10th week of Donald Trump’s ” The story went on to describe Stone’s friendships with hair-metal singer Bret Michaels and basic-cable staple Sharon Osborne.

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