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” He responded, “No, that’s how you show your love here and it’s important they know that you are happy and in love.” Interesting, I thought!

That is not the case at my house, and I’ve never seen my parents (who have been happily married for over 30 years) do anything more than a kiss and hug! The Chilean slang is so common that many Chileans do not realize that these are not words used in other Spanish-speaking countries unless they have traveled outside of their country or work with foreigners.

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The sites feature people from all over Chile and the rest of the world.

You can meet a sophisticated, worldly Chilean from Santiago, or a naïve Chilean from the countryside. The sites make it possible to meet Chileans you would probably never get a chance to meet otherwise.

While you may dream of meeting an innocent Chilean romantic partner from the countryside, chances of that are rare. Secondly, few rural Chileans have computers, much less, internet access.

Most of the people listed on the Chile dating sites are from Santiago. Therefore whether you are a Chilean expatriate looking for love and companionship, or a foreigner looking for a good time, it is best to concentrate your search in Santiago. As with any dating site, it is wise to use caution and common sense when selecting the people you want to meet off Chile dating sites. Some of the profiles listed are fakes, just like on other dating sites.

Also, direct translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English is quite comical and a popular misunderstanding when dating.

For example, some direct translations of words in Spanish come off very strong in English and vice versa, so losing things in translation happens, even if you are both fluent in each other’s native language, or if one of you is fluent.

Online dating sites featuring Chileans are a relatively new phenomenon.

Most Chileans still meet their romantic partners in traditional ways like at church, school, or work, or through social organizations, or mutual friends.

On this page you'll find all the available chile dating sites.

The 1 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with being our current top pick. Chilean dating websites are growing in popularity because many people find Chileans sexy, exotic, and interesting.

However, my partner said to me after: “why don’t you ever kiss me in front of my dad or my parents?

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