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My advice to every couple is not to compare yourself with others. My boyfriend’s becoming a monk for 10 days in the summer and I’m fully supportive of it.

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When we went to Indonesia together for a class trip, one of my proudest moments was when he told me, “Thank you for showing me how beautiful Indonesia can be.” Together, we explore the world very differently and we’re able to see how beautiful life is.

Mary, 21 The biggest interracial problems would be our family and friends’ reactions.

While we can say that society has taken huge steps towards accepting the notion that love comes in all shapes and colours, there’s no denying that divides still exist.

Although our own little island advocates racial harmony, we’re still a leap away from becoming a truly accepting melting pot when it comes to dating.

People think we have this huge culture difference when really, we share the same Singaporean culture.

Whether it’s learning crude Hokkien words from him or making him watch trashy Bollywood films with me, the cultural differences make the whole relationship more interesting.

These 10 interracial couples share their trials, and how they overcame them to become stronger and better, together. We had a language barrier at first because he didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Arabic so I took it upon myself to learn Arabic so we could communicate.

Initially, my father didn’t want me to marry someone from a different culture, especially of Arabic descent because of the stereotype that they’re violent.

He’s benefited my life in many ways, from seeing a TCM doctor without worrying about the language barrier to knowing what’s best to order at Swee Choon.

Sneha, 19 One thing that brought the two of us together was our ambiguous racial identities.

She’s very traditional, but I know where she comes from.

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