Dating leads to bad grades

In contrast women who spent more time reading newspapers had higher grades – a fact which researchers said could be partly down to stronger focus on work and better confidence in their academic potential.

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But this should be a conversation, not a confrontation.

Let her know that you’re on her side and want to help her get back on track: Even the most involved parent doesn’t truly know what goes on in school.

The study, published in the Emerging Adulthood journal, found that heavy use of mobile phones, social networking websites, magazines, and film and television were linked to a decline in academic performance.

Women who watched more films and spend more time talking on their mobile phones scored lower grades in the spring term, after accounting for their grades in the autumn, results showed.

Ask her to be more specific and listen politely to what she has to say. Perhaps you decide to warn your son that any future incidents of misconduct will result in the loss of a privilege, such as one week’s allowance or use of the family car.

For instance: “Could you please give me an example of what you mean? One-on-one sessions with a private tutor can work wonders with students who just weeks ago seemed unable to grasp the subject matter.School slumps require our immediate attention, before the damage to self-esteem is irreparable or a youngster develops an aversion to attending school.After all, she’s the ultimate authority on what’s behind her academic difficulties.In the days leading up to a parent-teacher conference, write down questions addressing the areas that most concern you.You may not be pleased to hear everything the teacher has to say once you get to the conference.Coleman, is that “it gets parents off their kids’ backs.”s under “Tutoring,” generally charge between twenty dollars and forty dollars an hour.

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