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For tenure groups, temporary employees and those with term appointments (Tenure Group III) always will be separated before any employees with career status (Tenure Group I) or with career-conditional status (less than three years of service; Tenure Group II).The “average score” is the average of an individual’s ratings on specific performance standards, not rounded.

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The minimum competitive area in the departmental service is a bureau, major command, directorate, or other equivalent major subdivision of an agency within a local commuting area.

An agency must obtain approval from OPM before changing a competitive area within 90 days of a RIF.

However, the abolishment of a position does not always require the use of RIF procedures.

The agency may reassign an employee without regard to RIF procedures to a vacant position at the same grade or pay, regardless of where the position is located.

All employees in Group III are released before employees in Group II, and all employees in Group II are released before employees in Group I.

Then within subgroups, all employees in Subgroup B are released before employees in Subgroup A, and all employees in Subgroup A are released before employees in Subgroup AD.

Note: Where some employees are under a pay banding system, the agency may not create competitive areas or competitive levels for employees under that system separate from those who are not.

The four retention factors are applied and the competitive level becomes a retention register listing employees in the order of their retention standing: 1) Tenure.

An employee is given additional service credit based on the mathematical average (rounded in the case of a fraction to the next whole number) of the value of the employee’s last three annual ratings.

If an employee received more than three annual ratings during the four-year period, the three most recent annual ratings are used.

A furlough of more than 30 calendar days, or of more than 22 discontinuous work days, is also a RIF action.

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