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I loved it so much that I offered to build and run it as a service out of HIBP.Junade (and Cloudflare) thought that was a great idea so they offered to point folks over to the HIBP version rather than build out something totally separate.They then go on to recommend that passwords "obtained from previous breach corpuses" should be disallowed and that the service should "advise the subscriber that they need to select a different secret".

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There are a few things in particular I want to call out though: Firstly, you'll notice that I'm serving this API from a different domain to the other HIBP APIs and indeed from V1 of the Pwned Passwords service.

For V2, I've stood up an Azure Function on the api.domain which gets the API out of the HIBP website and running on serverless infrastructure instead.

SHA-1 has done that in V1 and I'm still confident enough in the model to use the same approach in V2.

One of the things that did surprise me a little in V1 was the effort some folks went to in order to crack the passwords.

They're right, too - on both points - but that's not what this is about.

The entire point is to ensure that any personal info in the source data is obfuscated such that it requires a concerted effort to remove the protection, but that the data is still usable for its intended purposes.Now keep in mind that as far as I'm concerned, the partial hash I was sent could be any one of 475 different possible values.Or it could be something totally different, I simply don't know and therein lies the anonymity value.I've written about Azure Functions in the past and they're an awesome way of building a highly scalable, resilient "code as a service" architecture.It ensures that load comes off the HIBP website and that I can scale the Pwned Passwords service infinitely, albeit with a line directly to my wallet!For the sake of perspective, here are some stats on what this means for the data within Pwned Passwords: Junade has written a great piece that's just gone live on Cloudflare's blog titled Validating Leaked Passwords with k-Anonymity and he goes into more depth in that piece.

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