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Now I'm travelling and Simple, friendly and caring man, am looking forward to meet the best from this place, iam an adventurist who love traveling and have no problem in relocating.

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Her progress can be followed on her website and on Instagram.

My conversations with her reveal just how much Muslim and Korean she is at the same time — a universal message so important that I want to use it to end this article with. You can be Muslim and Arabic just like you can be Muslim and Korean or whatever country you are from.

Competitors will then cross the finish line in front of the lakeside grandstands.

"This venue has huge potential, and we would like this to be the next Korean city to host a full distance Ironman," says Event Director, Park Byung Hoon.

And while I consider myself still to be a beginner in the language, the feeling that a woman dressed in Hanbok gave me when I asked her in Korean how to take the train from Incheon International Airport to Seoul, and she actually understood me, deeply touched my heart.

It was as touching for me as the following subway ride from Seoul Station to Itaewon where an older Korean man with his three friends suddenly came to help me search for my guesthouse very late at night.

Itaewon is also home to many Halal restaurants and shops including Eid Halal Restaurant—a Korean restaurant that is run by a lovely Korean Muslim family.

Today Seoul Central Mosque is one of the 15 mosques in Korea, apart from the 60 prayer rooms you can find at the airport, in universities and big shopping malls.

When my airplane finally landed in Incheon at the world’s most advanced airport, I felt very excited.

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