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Indulge in the interesting food markets and impressive museums.There’s also a multitude of enticing restaurants—seven with Michelin stars.Malmö is the biggest city in Skåne and a multicultural place full of energy.

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It’s known now for its cultural offerings, innovative architecture, and a strong organic social character.

Malmö is Sweden’s first Fairtrade City, certified in 2006, which has spurred the city’s organic and fair trade offerings.

Head southward though, and you’ll discover a sea of little red island cottages scattered across the Stockholm Archipelago.

In between lies a pastoral countryside filled with ancient Viking burial grounds and fantastic biking and hiking paths.

Furthermore, its history and culture are much older than ours in North America.

Up north the land is covered with dense green forests.

Updated July 26, 2017 By Jim Ferri How does one describe a country that has given the world the Vikings as well as the Nobel Peace Prize, little Swedish meatballs as well as Absolute Vodka, Volvo as well as ABBA, IKEA and H&M and … Sweden is an incredible country often missed by those who only venture about Southern, Central or Eastern Europe.

It has a spectacular landscape, amazing cities, and an educated population, most of whom speak English.

Some are well-preserved old workhorses dating back more than a century and still steam powered.

You can choose from short excursions lasting a couple of hours to day tours or even overnight stays.

For those who would like to explore this Swedish Smörgåsbord, here are the most-visited areas of Sweden, courtesy of Visit Sweden.

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