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4.7 nut width of 6-string adjusted proportionally for 8-string. 2mm string-clearance to fingerboard-edge on bass-side and 3mm on treble-side".Certainly, a true concert guitar will have a more refined tone, but a concert guitar will also easily cost 3 times as much, or more.

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This particular model was favored by Celedonio Romero.

It is a pedigree guitar with lasting value since Pablo Contreras II sells for 7,000 Euros last I checked, the price of materials has gone sky-high, and since Contreras I is deceased.

The purfling is a classic Black arrow pattern, patterned on Torres.

It is a "double top" - meaning that a second top is over the back.

The guitar is available with cedar or spruce tops, and I chose spruce because I like the spruce sound for Baroque repertoire.

My duet partner purchased the cedar top version, and he is also pleased with it.This prevents the back from deadening the vibrations when it touches the player, thus increasing resonance and volume.The internal construction is a little bit unusual, but the result is a traditional sound.I have it tuned as a regular guitar for strings 1-6, and the extra strings are tuned step-wise descending from the lowest guitar string, e.g. After several years of enjoying an 8-string guitar, I tried the 10-string for the extended range of Baroque music from Weiss, Bach, Baron and others. Decker-Schenk, Mertz, etc.) that were written for 10-string.Of course the 7-8 string repertiore is vast as well, and there are always alterations that can be made to nearly any score to drop the octaves of some basses.9) Small simple fret dots on neck side at frets 5,7,9,15,17,19, and double-dots at 12. The European Alpine Spruce top is from Chiemgau, a northern region of the Alps. This guitar is bold and loud, easy to play, with a fast, punchy and rapid response, and interesting tonal character with a wide pallette of tonal and dynamic variation.

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