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As a team, we have prayed and we believe that the entire village will be brought to Christ. We will then go to the other YWAM base in Suva where we will help them with their ministries.

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We just prayed for the kids and hope that the little that we got to impart to them will be planted int heir hearts and make them think a little bit. Other teams; Hong Kong and Thailand, got to go Busking (Singing and doing ministry on the streets and praying as well) in town and great encounters with a specific woman the Lord led them to.

On that day, when we prayed, the Lord directed us to make handwritten encouragement notes and give them to people with flowers. Following the Voice of the Lord is just so fulfilling! We met to rehearse for our outreach skits and talk about what we were gonna do the evening.

Those are kids that heard about who God is only at school.

They don’t have a local church and live their lives however they want.

Mothers give a contraceptive shot to their daughters on the 15th birthday just to avoid unwanted pregnancies and all.

Being such a small town explains what is happening there. During that day, we ask the Lord what He wants us to do and leads us.

We land at 7ish pm and are transported straight to a Medical outreach in Latoca. It is a clinic to help the local people with optometrist and dentistry and other little hurts they might have.

We are coming to help the clinic as well as an evangelical team.

Well, technically it is right now, a day and a half before I leave for Fiji! I cannot believe that I have been in Australia for 2 months and a half, crazy! Our last week of lectures was week 11, Fear of the Lord week.

I felt like that week was a reiteration of what we had learned during Lordship week. We had Friday that week off because of our local outreach week, week 12 started on Sunday.

We hope once again that we did open their eyes to what being a Christian is and the difficulties that we can encounter, but also to encourage them that through those, the Lord is still right there and will help us go through it.

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