Dating diasters

To initiate request, speak to Hayato, who is in Daitou TV Station.

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Speak to Hayato and tell him Momoko is now at the 106.

Today we were seeing a play at Daitou TV Station, "The Snow Queen"!

Go into Illusory Daitou TV Station and follow the path until you see a dazed Momoko.

The player is given two options on how to respond: If the player chooses option 1: Waiting Girl: Huh!?

The semi-bearded guy who doesn't know the difference between a mani and a pedi.

The kind of guy who isn't afraid to get a little dirty.

But the stink was overwhelming it kept me from thinking about anything he had to say.

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Momoko is now at Daitou TV Station, in front of the stage.

Speak to Hayato again and tell him Momoko is now at Daitou TV Station. Fine, I'll just go watch that play by myself, I guess. He is now in front of the stage in Daitou TV Station.

Isn't today supposed to be our shopping date in Shibuya?

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