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That means, if she texts back how she wants to just hang as friends, say, “” but don’t accept the offer and don’t keep texting back and forth with her or planning “friendly” hangouts.If you are meant to be friends someday, it will be because common interests and acquaintances bring you into each other’s orbit. I know this advice is coming with a whopping helping of “ but please know that there is love, here, too, for you, and for my younger self, and for my ex, President Earnest B. If her interest wasn’t obvious enough, as I walked out the door for the final time, her question was whether I had a girlfriend.

Needless to say, I got a text bright and early the next morning and we’ve been texting a bit. Introductions as a boyfriend would be awkward because my manager didn’t want me to leave.

I worked hard, kept a positive outlook, and somehow managed to get along with even the prickly people there. It was a great chance to get a feel for her personality, lifestyle, relationships, and maturity.

When I asked her what she enjoys doing, she said that she didn’t really have any hobbies, but that she enjoys hanging out.

During the meetup, she spoke mostly about how she doesn’t like work, her parents are always mad at her, her exes (about two or three by how she spoke about them), and her life in general.

Forthcoming of The Republic of Sincerity, and for your coworker who was classy about waiting until the last day before she boldly asked you out.

She will be just fine without you, and you both are most likely going to go on a lot more first and second dates with people who don’t quite fit with you.

After the meetup, she told me she had fun and wants to meetup again next week (the next free day she has).

Clearly she enjoyed my company if she already wants to hang out again.

Literally all you have to do from here is to not go out with her again.

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