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For unknown reasons, Ruisdael almost entirely stopped dating his work from 1653.

In his late work, conducted when he lived and worked in Amsterdam, he added city panoramas and seascapes to his regular repertoire.

In these, the sky often took up two-thirds of the canvas.

By applying heavier paint than his predecessors, Ruisdael gave his foliage a rich quality, conveying a sense of sap flowing through branches and leaves.

An exemplar of Ruisdael's early style is Dune Landscape, one of the earliest works, dated 1646.

His fellow Haarlem painter Allaert van Everdingen had already moved to Amsterdam and found a market there.

On June 17, 1657 he was baptized in Ankeveen, near Naarden.

From 1646 he painted Dutch countryside scenes of remarkable quality for a young man.

After a trip to Germany in 1650, his landscapes took on a more heroic character.

Hobbema's work has at times been confused with Ruisdael's.

There is difficulty in attributing Ruisdael's work, which has not been helped by the fact that three members of his family were also landscape painters, some of whom spelled their name "Ruysdael": his father Isaack van Ruisdael, his well-known uncle Salomon van Ruysdael, and his cousin, confusingly called Jacob van Ruysdael.

This growth in popularity of landscapes continued throughout Ruisdael's career.

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