Dating antique hand bells

We have installed thousands of bell ringers and would be happy to survey your bells and bell tower.We can offer our suggestions to get your bells ringing again, restoring the voice to your bronze bells.The original cast wheel and clapper complete this beautiful bell. The new ringer will provide the voice of a swinging bell or strike the bell for the hour.

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Our Chime Master Millennium Bell Controllers provide incredible flexibility to get your bells ringing again.

In many cases, we can get your old church bells ringing again with the installation of automatic bell ringing equipment.

At about the same time, the iron horse also began to blaze a trail into the west, and these construction men also had to be fed.

Adding to the need for food, people back east were demanding buffalo robes that they used as coats and lap robes when riding in sleighs and carriages.

Offset cabinet hinges mount to the cabinet door frame and surface of the cabinet door, and are used when cabinet doors project out from the surface of the frame.

Made from solid brass and available in a variety of sizes and attractive finishes.

50 Inside of trunk is a hand written tag that reads Collected from family of Robert Cowboy Harris 1/2 breed Sioux Scout for the U.

With our long history with church bells, we can help restore, refurbish, or electrify your beautiful bells with a solution that fits within your budget.

Once we set your bell ringing schedule into memory, you don’t have to worry about it. This ‘practically new’ four bell peal was cast just 41 years ago in 1974. It has had electronic bell ringing equipment in place that could be put back into service if desired. This 1870 Fulton & Sons bell weights approximately 650 pounds and comes with the yoke and A-stands.

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