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Walk into any bar or club and speak just about any foreign language fluently, and women will be all you.

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Poland is racing to modernize itself and change is in the air.

Construction is occurring in every corner of Warsaw, Krakow, and other major cities.

Efforts are being made to use EU assistance to improve Poland in a multitude of ways, such as in their treatment of women in the workplace, workplace rights, infrastructure, rights and assistance for the disabled, education, and medical care.

Poland looks to the West and it is becoming modern.

But though change is in the air, only so much change can happen in twenty years.

It took me a while to put my finger on the issues when I first moved there and longer to understand aspects of the Polish mentality.The entire spectrum of rights that women in America enjoy…I’m behind it 100%. Poland is like stepping back into the 1950s in the US.So you can imagine the unpleasant shock I got when I moved to Poland in terms of how women are treated. Poland is a land with outlawed abortions, poor sexual education, and limited contraceptive use.I assumed, like others with my background have done, that having grown up in a Polish household, I reasonably knew what to expect, culture-wise, when I moved to Poland. I didn’t realize how truly American I was until I moved to Poland.One of the things I embrace about American culture is the culture of feminism.American women have fought the good fight, and continue to do so, to gain equality and acceptance in every aspect of life.

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