Dating a hooters girl

This one girl that I used to work with would sit on the customers' laps, which is forbidden. It was frowned upon because the other girls were like, "I don't want the customers to think that that's the norm."Oh, yeah.You're not supposed to touch them, unless it's a hand around the waist in a photo. At first I wasn't used to wearing such a form-fitting outfit in public and I was like, "I look like a sausage!

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This week, a pair of small studies about women who work in restaurants like Hooters made the rounds in the media.

The researchers who conducted the studies suggested that women who work in these so-called "breastaurants" suffer from issues like depression, body image issues, and job dissatisfaction as a result of the sexual objectification that they're exposed to at work.

They were a little skeptical of it at first but it grows on you.

It's a lot more than pretty faces and what society thinks of Hooters. I have friends who would question why I started working there and then two years after, they started working at a different one. No, he never gets jealous, because he knows I have a very outgoing personality.

If I don't feel comfortable dealing with it, then they're always on top of things, getting the people who make me feel uncomfortable out of there.

When I was a cheerleader for [the University of] Louisville, a bunch of us decided to go work there because we needed the money. In Kentucky, you have to be a hostess for a year before you can serve and we all got hired as hostesses.

In the two years I was there, only one of the girls was ever touched. I help them out with their businesses, and some of the women I worked with are some of the smartest women I've ever met.

The [perception] about Hooters girls being dumb — it's not true.

Most guys were surprisingly shy when you talk to them.

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