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It was the most awkward hour of my entire life and in the end he tried to kiss me with his garlic breath,” she says.

“I do not think that online dating is ruining romance, it is simply the logical way to set up a meeting with a possible compatible partner.” It’s about looking before you leap, says 91-year-old Lillian about online dating.

“Dating when there were no phones was very different,” says Lois. A guy would ask you to dance – maybe several times – and then invite you to have a midnight lunch with him (and heaven forbid ask you outside to have a beer).

It looks like Vivica Fox has a new young man on her cougar hands; 31-year-old Robert Ri’chard.

Best known for his role as Arnez on “One On One”, Ri’chard is starring in the “Chocolate City” black stripper film.

With the creation of dating site Plenty Of Fish in 2003, Facebook in 2004, Snapchat in 2011, and Tinder in 2012, these days you’d be lucky to know someone’s name before a misguided sexual advance is catapulted your way.

That’s not to say it’s all bad or awkward, but in our current dating culture, it’s undeniable that expectations are in constant flux and authenticity is always up for debate.

Since the film has wrapped production, the couple has continued to date.

The pair regularly have dinner together in Los Angeles and have quiet nights watching movies.

Ri’chard wasn’t shy around his co-stars when talking about Fox.

When fellow actors like Tyson Beckford and Darrin Henson asked about their age difference, Ri’chard was clear: ‘Age is nothing but a number,’ he told them.

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