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And while the songwriting has been micromanaged, there have been real moments of maturity that have started to come through in her writing that has led to strong tracks, including the fantastic 'Love Me Harder' with The Weeknd.

But throughout the lead-up to her newest album Dangerous Woman, that progression has seemed shakier than ever.

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Born Lenroy Thompson, the New York-bred fighter saw his heavyweight boxing reputation take a hit in 2012 when the U. Anti-Doping Agency suspended him for a year after he failed to disclose his whereabouts in order to be drug tested.

While he went on to have a quarter-life crisis of sorts, he soon got back on track and returned to the ring with big dreams of making the trip to Rio for the 2016 Olympics.

You can tell that her producers and handlers are pushing for a more explicitly sexy image and 'sound', and it's an open question whether or not Ariana or her writing team can pull it off.

Part of this is her voice - when she sticks to more sultry, low-key R&B cooing it's believable, but she doesn't have that element of rawness in her delivery yet to believably pull off pop diva powerhouse, and her occasional sloppy enunciation doesn't help.

And I use the Magic School Bus reference here because on some level Ariana's brand of more explicit sexuality still isn't quite believable - I'll talk more about her vocals later, but the writing still has a certain naivete about it that doesn't reflect a lot of experience - hell, you can see it in the album art where her rubber mask has bunny ears!

And the sequencing of this album doesn't help matters - you start thinking there's an arc with this new mysterious bad boy she falls for, how maybe it inspires some maturity or growth...

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But more than that, being 'sexy' is music is incredibly difficult to pull off well - sensual a little easier because you can modulate your range, but sexy requires a type of intimacy and poise that Ariana can't always pull off, which can make certain songs come across as hard to believe.

And while this was an issue on My Everything, it looked to be a much bigger issue here, especially opposite artists like Lil Wayne and Future, who play in a very different type of sexuality than Ariana.

As a way of recognizing his rebirth, he legally changed his moniker to Cam F. The F, he says, is whatever you want it to be, but he sides with Cam "Fucking" Awesome because you know you would too.

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