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A lot of guys read our blog, so these specific usernames are probably already taken. We’ve got 5 tips for writing an attractive username that are based on statistics.Take these studies into account when coming up with username: If you want to come up with an attractive username from scratch, but aren’t sure where to begin – grab a pen and paper.

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And there’s nothing worse than having a crappy username that repels women!

If you want a world-class woman to return your message on Plenty of Fish, then you need a username that piques her curiosity.

A cringeworthy username ensures one of those deleted messages will be yours.

These 15 POF username ideas get girls in your inbox and get you more dates.

Women enjoy talking about food, so make her hungry for more with a username like one of these: One caveat – yes, salami is a food. But neither has any place in an attractive username.

Keep it classy, unlike these guys: These 15 username examples get girls in your inbox, but let’s face it.

Chicks dig alpha males, it’s a natural law that’s deeply encoded in her DNA.

So if your username radiates alpha, she’ll be feeling it.

It doesn’t matter if your “About me” bio was written by Shakespeare and your photos were taken by Annie Leibowitz.

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