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With Valentine's Day approaching, the scientific survey of 1,005 adults found most Americans consider heavy debt a major turnoff in a relationship.

In fact, finding out your partner kept big credit card debt a secret, or lied about being able to pay routine bills, is enough for most to end a relationship.

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Let's talk All the experts agree on one point: Openness is a key to successful relationships.

"Do whatever it takes to maintain financial openness and balance between you and your partner," Udell said, "and be sure to remove some of the emotions that are prevalent when it comes to money management." "Most people assume, incorrectly, that the person they love thinks exactly the same way they do about money and has the same financial goals," said Opperman, the credit counselor.

Typically, they were asked if they strongly agree, somewhat agree, strongly disagree or somewhat disagree with a wide range of statements regarding debt and money, and how that impacts their relationships.

Get your money act together Regardless of who you are and where you live, this is the bottom line, experts agree: Get your financial affairs in order and be sure to tell the truth about them if you want your romantic relationship to develop, thrive and survive. 1 reasons for divorce, child and spousal abuse, stress, addictions and low productivity on the job ..."Habits are hard to change, but the future of a strong family relationship may depend on it.The more responsible partner should make every effort to resolve credit and debt issues that threaten the relationship." Opperman agreed, saying it is more than worth a try.Most Americans also believe that sharing the same attitudes about managing money is the single most important factor in a relationship.Credit counselors and family therapists are not surprised."Yes, even more than sex, money is often used by couples as a wedge, negotiating tool and weapon to manipulate and control a situation," said Barbara Udell, a family and individual therapist and counselor who holds degrees in social work and other disciplines. "If you don't get this right, it can be the death knell of a relationship," Udell said.

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