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Holding her breasts as leverage I stayed deep in her and thrust hard and slow inside her. I am on the verge of feeling the earth move, holy shit!!!

” With the sound of the island scratching the floor and the rain pounding the window I grabbed her ankles and held them straight up and together and quickened my pace, she grabbed the edge of the island top and arched her back and neck as she screamed through a massive orgasm.

She was begging me not to stop and I just kept pounding her hard and she screamed out another orgasm, this time the angle was different and I felt her sex squeeze my dick tight. She stood up and turned around not caring my sperm was trickling out of her.

I let her wrists go and grabbed the back of her head with one hand and slapped the other on her thigh with the other squeezing her hip tight as I came. She wrapped her arms around me and we stood there kissing. “Wow,” she said after sticking her tongue down my throat.

Saying what you want makes for less fumbling about, less embarrassment overall, and a more satisfying time for both of us. We are confident, and not constrained by false social norms. It's a pretty high number, but in my defense, she begged me to tell her. It’s not about playing hard to get, it’s about being a high-value woman. Cougars look for a confident, charming, witty, fun guy who knows he has something to offer a strong mature woman.

If you are interested in a relationship with anyone, then the time-honored rules apply. Do you share things in common as a starting point for a relationship? Time to man up and speak to your mother as the adult you’ve become. Should I just assume that I'm his girlfriend and stop being hung up on the label, or should I talk to him about it? I told my girlfriend my "number" last week, and now she’s mad. I feel the best way to pick up a cougar is the same way you would meet any love interest.

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She told me her car would not start and she was waiting for a tow truck. She made spaghetti and a salad and we sat down and ate in her kitchen. We continued talking about this and that and making nice when she got up to clear the table I noticed a picture of a man I did not recognize on the fridge. He was handsome, thirty-ish and I thought maybe Sasha was seeing an older man. Sucking on her nipples she pulled me closer to her and dug her nails into my back.

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