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Joel's famous song "Uptown Girl" was initially written about previous girlfriend Elle Macpherson (also a famous supermodel) but ended up being about Brinkley as well.One of the most recognizable models of the '90s married the Cars frontman in 1989 after she appeared in the band's "Drive" video.

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In 1988, they each attended a detox clinic in Arizona and received six weeks of treatment for alcoholism. The one-and-only Rihanna celebrated her 30th birthday with drinks, friends and a performance from her fav Toni Braxton.

In a series of photos posted on her Instagram, Ri Ri gives us a taste of what her glamourous night was like.

I don’t want to do things with you that you did with your ex. I’m grateful you introduced me to the amazement of having all four chairs turn around during . I’m just as busy as you are, which means I’m not going to be texting you 24/7 either. Unfortunately, we spend so much time working on work that by the time we realize it, we’re 30 and very single and, , why didn’t we make time to call that cute (much younger) guy back? The Harlem-born rapper/self-proclaimed 'Fashion Killa' linked up with supermodel Chanel Iman (named after the eponymous supermodel spouse of David Bowie) sometime around early 2013, and the two have seemed perfectly happy (and sexy) since then.

But I don’t want to hear about how you went to the live show with her and I could do with less stories.2. However: If I know your phone is glued to your hand on the daily and you said we’d catch up...don’t disappoint me. A surprising fact I’ve found with relationships in L. is that these men continue to come back after it’s over. Before Kate Moss married The Kills' Jamie Hince in 2011, the supermodel had a volatile, highly-publicized relationship with Pete Doherty of The Libertines and Babyshambles.

I've got two sets of thoughts on the happenings of the past two weeks: The Peter Pan Complex and The Rules, a still-in-progress list for dating a woman in Los Angeles.

The Rules Every girl needs these because we can easily fall into old patterns when a new hot thing comes along. But we’re too busy because we came to this city trying to find ourselves, not the “perfect person." The one thing that keeps my dating life exciting is that I continue to meet interesting people who I can commiserate with about trying to make our career work.The guitarist of The Strokes was romantically involved with British supermodel Agyness Deyn in the height of her popularity in the fashion industry.In December 2013, Albert got hitched to Polish restauranteur Justyna Sroka.I don’t care what kind of birth control your ex used. Women are like snowflakes, which means don’t fucking compare us, especially not if it includes a story about your preferred choice of birth control. You’re in my calendar because I made time for you.4. It doesn’t have to be every moment of every day, but I need to feel appreciated because I appreciate you. They can’t seem to find the time to commit during the relationship, but when it’s over they all come back. The two began dating in 2005, and were even briefly engaged in 2007, but called it quits shortly after.I soak in your movements and the shape of your body with all its imperfections. Doherty was later tied to models Irina Lazareanu and Lindi Hingston.After almost seven years together, not even a kiss from a rose could save the supermodel and singer's marriage. The couple have three children together, and they're probably going to grow up to be ridiculously good-looking.

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