Consequences of liquidating ira

It was in a bar just a few paces from the Hospitalières-Saint-Gervais that the couturier, who is British but has lived in the French capital for two decades, was arrested.

And it was also where, last year, he was filmed telling two women he believed to be Jewish that he loved Hitler.

Mais aussi, derrière la banalisation voire l’instrumentalisation (le dernier chic pour choquer le bourgeois et créer le buzz, sans parler des passages à l’acte à la Fofana!

Olivier Ertzscheid, an internet specialist at Nantes University, said this could « reveal the mentality » of the country.

A French newspaper website recently asked: « Is France ready for a Jewish president?

Standing in the doorway of a grocery shop, Dan points to his wide-brimmed black hat.

« My 80-year-old neighbour told me that when she was growing up they used to say we Jews wore these hats to hide our horns, and long black coats to hide our tails, » he says, laughing.

« I find it depressing that whenever I talk to my son about Jewish history it’s just one long list of terrible events.

»Like a sore that never completely heals, antisemitism erupts in France, which has the biggest Jewish community in Europe, with depressing regularity.

Local residents and traders say that the insult « sale juif » (dirty Jew) is a fact of daily life; asking a local if they have suffered abuse provokes a quizzical stare as if you are trying to be funny.

« Bien sûr » (« of course ») is the most common reply.« It’s stating the obvious, » says one kippah-wearing youngster in the Rue des Rosiers, the Jewish quarter’s main street.

It reads: « 165 Jewish children from this school, deported to Germany during the second world war, were exterminated in the Nazi camps. In this district, known as the Marais, the heart of Paris’s oldest Jewish quarter, gay bars rub shoulders with falafel cafés, kosher restaurants, synagogues and prayer rooms.

Its labyrinthine streets have been home to Jews on and off since the 13th century.

At the Sacha Finkelsztajn pastry shop, famous for its apple strudel and cheesecake, two women shrug when Galliano’s alleged antisemitic diatribe is mentioned.

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