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His technical report 'Proposed Electronic Calculator', dating from the end of 1945 and containing his design for the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), was the first relatively complete specification of an electronic stored-program digital computer.

In the United States the Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann shared Turing's dream of building a universal stored-program computing machine.

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Von Neumann had learned of the universal Turing machine before the war—he and Turing came to know each other during 1936-1938, when both were at Princeton University.

Like Turing, von Neumann became aware of the potential of high-speed digital electronics as a result of wartime work.

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Harry Huskey, the electronic engineer who subsequently drew up the first detailed hardware designs for the EDVAC, said that the information in von Neumann's report was of no help to him in this.3 Turing, in contrast, supplied detailed circuit designs, full specifications of hardware units, specimen programs in machine code, and even an estimate of the cost of building the ACE.

Part I of 'Alan Turing, Father of the Modern Computer' provides an overview of Turing's many major contributions to the development of the computer and computing—including his pioneering work in the areas now called Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life. This is simply one of the best tales in the history of computers.By the end of 1945, thanks to wartime developments in digital electronics, groups in Britain and in the United States had embarked on creating a universal Turing machine in hardware.Turing headed a group situated at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, London.Nowadays, when so many people possess a physical realization of the universal Turing machine, Turing's idea of a one-stop-shop computing machine might seem as obvious as the wheel.But in 1936, when engineers thought in terms of building different machines for different purposes, Turing's concept was revolutionary.From the first e-mail to the domination of Facebook, social media has come a long way, baby.

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