Comixology pull list app not updating

The initial layout and content for each screen is automatically determined, but you'll probably need to customize the app to suit your needs.

If you're unfamiliar with Power Apps, see Introduction to Power Apps.

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Note that its hard to get a good internet connection on many college campuses.

One Note on Windows 8.1 was outstanding and I truly loved the color wheel that allowed users to easily switch between different colors and sizes while handwriting.

This was a TERRIFIC program, it has been carelessly ripped apart and NO ONE AT MICROSOFT SEEMS TO CARE. PLEASE increase the USABLE screen real-state by getting rid of the top ribbon! SOMETIMES the program does not open properly, only shows a section of the menu and screen. This was a blow for Surface Pro users who learned to like their product because One Note Win8.

I have not received a single meaningful response from all my feedback, and I doubt anyone else has either. I have to switch back to 8.1 or start taking notes on paper again. This Win10 version is a downgrade for users who embraced the Win 8 version. Hitting the menu on the top left doesn't work, I can only scroll back to my recent pages, which is a hassle for someone with 100's of pages. You cannot uninstall the application so I guess all my notes are stuck unless I use the even more inferior desktop version.

After using the app if my palm is resting on the screen in a certain way while writing the Surface reverses left and right click for touch input.

This makes the device near unusable as to left click requires a long press every time.

TYPE, WRITE, AND DRAW • Write anywhere on the page and unleash your imagination • Use your device's pen or your finger to write and draw with multiple types of pens and highlighters • Take notes on a white background, or add a grid or ruled lines for easier drawing and writing CAPTURE ANYTHING • Quickly take a note by clicking the Note button in the Action Center and on supported pens* • Send websites, recipes, documents, and more to One Note using the Share Charm, Microsoft Edge, Clipper, Office Lens, and dozens of other apps and services GET ORGANIZED • Search and find anything in your notes, including handwritten ink and the text in pictures • Quickly access your most recent notes, complete with visual previews of each page • One-click access to to-do lists with check boxes MADE FOR TEAMWORK • Easily share your notebooks and notes with colleagues, family, and friends • Plan vacations, share meeting minutes or lecture notes with people around you • Edit notes together and see changes in real time ALWAYS WITH YOU • Your notes travel with you whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go • Notes are automatically saved and synced in the cloud, so you always have the latest on all your devices • Your notebooks look familiar on all your devices, so you can pick up where you left off on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device Check out the website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and visit the blog for the latest news: *Some accessories sold separately; hardware dependent.

Version number: Varies by device • Send a copy of an Outlook email message to One Note.

Handwriting on the new version is not as it should be and there should be an option to gain access to the beloved color and size wheel! Windows 10 removed the radial menus, making everything slower and more cumbersome to access.

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