Classifying consolidating software component selection methods

As another example, the assignment rule includes mapping a respective image attribute that was input by a user associated with the data storage to the primary attribute of the aggregated attribute.

An image attribute can include one of an image label, an acquisition time, an acquisition geo-location, a time when the duplicate image was modified, identity of faces depicted in the duplicate image, and information including an adjustment that was applied to the image, and a time when the adjustment was applied.

The aggregated information associated with the selected image can include one or more aggregated attributes corresponding to the respective one or more image attributes associated with each duplicate image.

The method also includes aggregating each set of metadata into aggregated information, and storing the selected image together with the aggregated information on data storage accessible to a data processing apparatus.

This specification relates to resolving duplicate images, for example, by consolidating information relating to a set of duplicate images.

Moreover, it presents a web site that offers various tools for exploring the axes of our taxonomy.

This web site provides an overview of process models as well as means for comparing them, textually or graphically.

In addition to this, and because of the time required for understanding (and then operationalizing) new methods, designers tend to use already known methods, even though those which sometimes may not really be adapted to their needs.

This paper proposes a classification of characteristics of design methods process models.

Under some circumstances, duplicate images and their respective sets of associated metadata are stored in an image library, or separately in different image libraries.

This specification describes technologies relating to resolving duplicate images from one or more library of digital images.

Therefore, it enhances chances to conduct high quality projects.

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